October 29, 2018

10 Takeaways from Recent Push Notification Surveys that Can Help Your Business

We've taken a look at a variety of the most recent push notification studies and surveys taken between 2017-2018 and filleted that information down into helpful bites you can use to make better use of web push notifications in your advertising. Bon appétit!

1. Younger people are more receptive to web push notifications

According to a study done in 2017 taken by Statista, the statistics portal, who quote more than 23,500 sources they tap into for their information, younger people tend to be much more receptive to receiving push notifications than older viewers.

Their study found that:

33% of users 18-34 years always agree to opt-in push notifications
30% of users 18-34 years often agree to opt-in to push notifications

These numbers drop significantly above this age group.

For users 35-54 years, only 5% opt-in always and 18% opt-in "often"
The numbers are nearly identical for users 55 and over, at 5% always and 16% often




2. Mobile is where the action is

According to a 2017 survey, 80% of all Internet users on smart phones and 50% of smart phone users grab their smart phone as soon as they wake up.

3. Over half of smart phone users enable push

According to a study by Localytics, 52% of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices.

4. Five key ways web push notifications benefit businesses

According to marketing guru Neil Patel, web push notifications can benefit your business in the following five ways:

  • Promoting your products and services, especially special offers
  • Engaging with users who currently aren't on your website
  • Re-engaging users who have abandoned their shopping cart
  • Delivering valuable content in order to build trust and brand reputation
  • Directing users to your social media channels

5. The top opt-in rates by industry

According to a 2017 study by Accengage, the top three highest opt-in rates exist in the following fields: The telecom industry (49%), travel (48%), and finance (46%).

Across all industries, on average, 12% of unique visitors to a website opt-in to receive web push notifications.

6. The average reaction rate is 18%

A 2017 study by Accengage, across all industries, found that the average reaction rate for web push notifications is 18%.

However, the e-commerce industry outperforms the average number at a rate of 27%. This is largely due in part to the success of retargeting abandoned shopping carts using web push notifications.

The media industry is the second highest at 24.5%




7. Shopping cart retargeting with web push notifications is very effective

As was just previously mentioned, the e-commerce industry has a reaction rate of 27% to web push notifications. This is largely due in part to the how effective push notifications are at retargeting abandoned shopping carts.

8. News notifications have high opt-in & click-through rates for all age groups

In a study done by askwonder, they found that smart phone users getting news push notifications showed hardly any differences between age groups. Further, those getting news notifications had high click-through rates:

Those receiving news notifications were: 18-29: 54%, 30-49: 56%, 50-64: 56%, 65+: 49%
Of those getting news notifications, those who clicked through by age were: 18-29: 48%, 30-49: 46%, 50-64: 47%, 65+: 48%

9. Users feel push notifications are better today than a few years ago

In a recent survey by localytics conducted with 1,000 smart phone users in the US, 52% of respondents said they are better now than they were a few years ago. 38% said they are the same and 10% said they are worse.

10. Make your push notifications timely, personal and actionable

At this point, Slack pretty much is it the top of the heap in the messaging world and they've learned a lot along the way. Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence at Slack, says, "a great push notification is three things: timely, personal and actionable."

It's important to use triggers to send web push notifications in a timely manner, based off of either the user's behavior, their location or preferences – even all three.

The best way to ensure your user will engage with your web push notification is to ensure that the content appeals to that user as an individual, which is achieved by good personalization.

It's important to make sure that your web push notification message is actionable. You need to include a call-to-action that clearly communicates to the user what you want them to do next. Ideally, you also include a clickable link.

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