November 09, 2018

Why a Mobile Marketing Strategy with Web Push Notifications is a Must

If you're not using web push notifications as part of your mobile marketing strategy you are missing out on a huge opportunity to engage more customers. Today, web push notifications are a must-have tool for advertising online.

If you're advertising online today, you probably already know that a mobile strategy is a must – especially if you're a retailer.

"77% of retailers have a mobile app" – Business Insider

However, only roughly a third of advertisers have embraced web push medications as an integral part of their online marketing tools. Put another way, the majority of advertisers have still not adopted this technology. And that's a shame. Here's why:

"70% of mobile users have push notifications enabled on their phone and/or tablet" – Business Insider

So there you have it. 70 percent of mobile users are ready to accept push notifications, yet 66 percent of businesses aren't even using them. Unbelievable!

According to Business Insider, retailers who fail to utilize push notifications are missing a huge opportunity to engage more customers.

Therefore, I think we can conclude, with 70 percent of mobile users ready to accept notifications – a web push notification strategy is also must, if you sell or market anything.



Web push notifications are a must for advertisers

Increasingly, more purchases are being made on mobile devices. Web push notifications allow you to target consumers on or off of your website – and in real-time.

Additionally, web push notifications are extremely effective for customer re-engagement, as well as, following prospects with retargeting campaigns. Plus, they are exceptional for re-engagement after shopping cart abandonment.

With the ability of web push notifications to achieve precise consumer targeting through various factors, as well as, personalized and individualized messaging – they are at the forefront of offering the most powerful advertising solution for businesses today.

How amply media delivers advertisers premium audiences

At Amply Media, we operate one of the most robust web push notification solutions available. Not only do we provide advertisers with a bevy of precision targeting capabilities, but with our massive network of over 80 premium websites, we deliver a large, unique audience you can't reach anywhere else. And these aren't just any audiences.

The audiences on Amply Media's network are made up of content-hungry consumers. We immerse your advertising seamlessly in relevant content in a harmonious manner. But it goes deeper – and this is where precision targeting steps in.

Your advertising is only shown to prequalified consumers who are most likely to engage with your offers. In other words: your advertising is not only shown to hyper-engaged consumers – but more importantly – it isn't shown to those who aren't. In that way, you're not wasting your advertising budget on viewers who aren't likely to be interested.

What push notifications: The power to influence

One of the foremost strengths of web push notifications are their ability to send personalized messages. These personalized messages can yield a great deal of influence over consumers.

"Presenting personalized product suggestions can increase sales by up to 30%" – ecoconsultancy

Loyal audiences = Loyal customers

Loyalty is unique benefit of the audiences Amply Media has built on their 80+ network of websites. Our network sees 48 million unique visitors every month. But wait… There's more!

We have more than 30 million monthly active subscribers, too, who engage in more than 180,000 consumer interactions every minute! That is the very definition of hyper-engaged consumers.

That's what Amply Media delivers to our advertisers and why you should seriously, seriously consider working with us.

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