February 28, 2019

How Audiences are Receiving Digital Entertainment Content in Today’s On-Demand, Always on, World

In the fast-paced world of modern technology, information and digital entertainment is not only delivered at lightning-quick speed – consumers expect it. In order to meet the demand, the paradigm has shifted in how information and entertainment are delivered.


Consumers expect gratification

If there's one thing for certain about the internet – it's a place of instant gratification. Whether information or entertainment, consumers these days are accustomed to getting precisely what they want – exactly when they want it and on any device.

Shifting paradigm in online advertising

This fundamental shift in consumer behavior has likewise caused a reciprocal shift in how more savvy entertainment sites promote their content. What's evolved in this new landscape is a type of messaging known as web push notifications. This type of messaging has completely changed the digital content ecosystem.



How web push notifications work

Consumers no longer want the hassle of having to visit every website they are interested in to find out if that site has updated their content. Or having to subscribe to an email newsletter only to receive hundreds of emails from the website and from other retailers. Without the user experience in mind, consumers unsubscribe from promotional emails and spend less time searching out websites as their lives get busier. They are searching for something easy that comes to them.  

Web push notifications are exactly what their name suggests: Notifications received from a website through your web browser. A person goes to a website they visit frequently and signs up to receive web push notifications. They'll then be notified by the website when relevant, trending content has been posted.

For example, let's say you sign up at a weather site, you'll get breaking news updates about weather events that directly concern you, and if you prefer, you can also choose to receive additional weather updates for the entire country as well.

These notifications can be displayed on any device. Think of it as getting “news bulletins” on topics most important to you. The best part about the whole thing, you don’t have to give out your email address or phone number.

No personal information, secure, spam-free

One of the first benefits of web push notifications is that absolutely no personal information is exchanged. Web push notifications work directly with the web browser and information is encrypted and stored within that web browser on that person's device. The website the consumer is signing up for does not have that person's personal information nor can they access any.

The subscriber doesn't have to worry about any personal information being shared that could be sold or used elsewhere. Additionally, the consumer can opt-out of receiving web push notifications through their browser at any time of their choosing. Once they unsubscribe, the website will have no way of contacting them. This is a benefit that consumers never had with email.


The subscriber is in control

Many websites that offer web push notifications also allow subscribers to set preferences (called message personalization) for the types of messages they wish to receive. Then, the website only sends them messages that suit their preferences – and they won't receive messages that don't. As you can see, the foremost benefit for consumers with web push notifications is that they, the audience, are in control – rather than the other way around. 

Getting web push notifications right

Amply Media, based in Kansas City, Missouri, offers web push notification technology. Over 100 million people subscribe to the more than 50 content websites. Amply Media manages websites that deliver somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 pieces of content monthly, in categories such as weather, news, horoscopes, sports, entertainment – something in about every popular category you can think of across the board.

Amply Media pays attention to the user experience, creating a careful balance of understanding how to make audiences happy by delivering the high-quality content they desire, and sending them the pertinent update notifications they crave.


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