August 10, 2018

The Power of People-Based Connections in Advertising

To get to the people, not only do you have to go where the people are, but you need to make connections with them. Making people-based connections is how savvy marketers are taking brands to the next level in successful marketing.

If you want to learn all about people-based marketing and how it can help your brand – you've come to the right place. Amply Media specializes in generating real-time, people-based connections with a massive audience exceeding 30 million active users that are highly engaged and pre-qualified as consumers.

Finding & connecting with the right people

If the rise of social media has shown us anything, it's that people like to gather around their interests and culture. They form so-called tribes of like-minded people. People-based marketing is all about immersing your brand in their interests and culture and making your brand part of the tribe.

Social media isn't always the best place to find engaged viewers

While many brands are trying to make themselves visible to large audiences on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, these social media sites, as giant as they are, they're far from the only game in town when it comes to taking your brand to online hangouts.

In fact, people on these giant social media sites may actually be far less engaged with your brand than they might be elsewhere.

Content sites can connect you with more engaged prospects

When your brand is a close match to the interests and culture on a particular website, it's far more likely that you will find more receptive, engaged and responsive prospects there.

In short – it's more productive to connect with highly-qualified prospects than being able to show your products to a massive audience. You need more likely buyers, not more eyeballs.

Amply Media has created over 80 owned and operated digital properties which currently span more than 45 of the most popular consumer categories of content. Each of these properties has developed its own culture of hyper-engaged users that crave content.

Within Amply Media's content network, you can reach over 30 million unique and pre-qualified audience members you can't find anywhere else.

Amply Media is constantly launching new websites, apps, browsers, launchers and other mobile touchpoints for every type of device in our subscriber audience’s 24hour anytime, anywhere content addicted world.

Devices & Points of Connection

Another important consideration is the various points of connection. Being able to connect through a total sum combination of desktop, mobile, tablet and a variety of web browsers is vitally important in today's world of multi-device usage.

Consider that your consumers have various tracking cookies on each of their different devices. They may browse or shop on their tablet, but only make purchases on their mobile device. Clearly, the tracking cookie on their tablet web browser gives one impression of the consumer, while the tracking cookie on their mobile device gives another.

This highlights the problem of utilizing web-cookie methods – it makes it extremely difficult to connect your prospect or customer across all of the devices they are using.

It becomes obvious that to have the greatest marketing power, one needs to be able to combine the data and tracking information from all of a consumer's devices in order to see the true data profile of that consumer.

People-based marketing is one of the methods that can solve the cookie-tracking problem. Instead of basing the marketing approach on browser cookies, customer profiles are developed on the advertising platform, thus, providing a way to target those users across any device.

How people-based marketing works

People-based marketing is about connecting the right consumer with the right brands. This successful marriage is about matching your company's off-line customer data to a (preferably) large database of active consumers.

As previously mentioned, standard marketing methods use and analyze cookies. The difference with people-based marketing is that it focuses on real, authenticated and prequalified people.

Your company data + real consumer data

The data your company has collected on your existing customers is known as "first-party data."

In using people-based marketing methodologies, a comparative data analysis will be undertaken between your first party data and the data of your advertising partner (such as Amply Media) contained in the profiles of its large-scale audience members made up of real people.

The analysis will match up browsing habits, shopping habits, demographics and a number of elements in determining the ideal prospect for your brand or product.

This is all done anonymously and securely without using any personally identifiable information, thus ensuring that your customer's privacy is protected at all times.

Laser-like targeting

The process of people-based marketing allows for precise targeting, giving you the ability to, not only reach the best potential prospects but to send them highly personalized messages.

As an example of how precise this targeting can be, let's say you are trying to sell a new washer. Not only can this technology identify all the users that have been browsing washers, but it also can identify and exclude those who may have purchased one in the past 90 days.

People-based marketing systems allow advertisers to track and deliver relevant ads on whatever sites these consumers are visiting, anywhere on the web, at any time and to whatever device they are browsing from.

Standard targeting practices pale in comparison and are far less effective than the precision targeting that can be achieved using people-based marketing methods.


Getting your message to real-consumers

Web push notifications, also called browser notifications, are one method of connecting with consumers and delivering your highly-targeted and personalized advertising message across devices, in real-time, at any time, with solid and unimpeded delivery through "interruptive marketing" methods that momentarily superimpose your brand message over whatever your prospect is viewing, being able to reach them on or off your site anywhere they are browsing the web.

Key takeaways:

  • People-based marketing is about making connections with real people in a way that immerses your brand in their interests, culture, and tribe.
  • Some of the best places to make people-based connections are on content sites where engaged and active viewers consistently gather around shared topics of interest.
  • People-based marketing solves the problem of the inherent difficulty in trying to track people across various devices with cookies, by instead utilizing customer profiles developed on advertising platforms as a way to track users across any device.
  • Using your own company's first-party data and combining it with a large database of consumer profiles, you can send relevant and highly-targeted advertising messages to pre-qualified consumers.
  • People-based marketing methodologies offer a more effective, precision level of targeting that can't be achieved with standard targeting practices.
  • Web push notifications are one method employed in people-based marketing for delivering highly-targeted and personalized advertising messages to consumers in real-time, no matter where they are on the web.

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