January 07, 2019

Reach Huge, Hyper-Engaged Audiences

If there's one thing every advertiser needs – it's for their ads to reach enthusiastic, engaged audiences who are eager to check out what they have to offer. A hot ticket right now for reaching these types of audiences is advertising on premium content websites, where you can reach a large and dedicated following of premium consumers.

Amply Media operates its own network of over 80 premium content websites that have created huge, hyper-engaged tribes gathered around the most popular verticals, encompassing over 48 million subscribers.



It's not only the size that counts – it's how it fits

Lots of people can deliver large audiences. But a large audience isn't enough. Advertisers need to show their offers to the right audience. The right audience is one that will engage with your ads.

In Amply Media's network of premium content websites, we've built loyal and dedicated audience tribes around the most in-demand verticals. And because we deliver quality – audience members come back – and the audience keeps growing.

For each one of our 80+ websites, we've carefully nurtured and developed our audience by giving them exactly what they want – it's that simple. In turn, they tend to be more engaged – and they keep coming back for more.

How advertisers benefit

When it comes to advertising to our audiences, we align advertiser's offers with the right verticals. In that way, it becomes relevant and achieves a native advertising effect. We make sure the advertiser's offer is compatible with the vertical and/or context of the content.

Next, we take it to the next level to achieve better results by prequalifying what specific audience members will be shown an advertiser's ad – and who will not.

Prequalified audiences

"The right ad to the right person at the right time."

The ability to accurately prequalify audience members is one of the core strengths Amply Media provides to advertisers. We prequalify audience members to determine who will see your ad – and who won't.

The goal of any advertiser is to reach, not just as many people as possible, but more importantly – to connect with those who are truly interested, consumers who will engage with your offers. Amply Media delivers such an audience – but we do much more. We actually prequalify members of our audiences so that your ads are only shown to those most likely to engage.

Through our highly-accurate targeting methods that analyze a large number of demographic data points, we identify the best prospects to show your ad to. We only show your ads to those who have the highest likelihood of clicking. This method shows your ad to the right person at the right time.

Further, this method benefits your advertising budget by not showing your ads to those unlikely to engage. This also ensures keeps audience happy by not burdening them with advertising that doesn't align with their interests or within the context of the article – and that keeps them subscribed and coming back.


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It's about the quality of the content

"Premium content websites 67% more effective."

So why all the buzz about advertising on premium content websites?

Advertising on premium content websites has been shown to be 67% more effective than advertising on non-network, non-member sites, according to comScore. And in a report by the Wall Street Journal, the respected business newspaper said, "The primary driver of this increased effectiveness is the halo effect that comes from the value of the contextual environment in which these ads are seen."

The Wall Street Journal summarized the comScore study by saying that, essentially, ads perform better when they appear along high-quality content. Other studies have drawn similar conclusions and this has long been a universally held belief regarding digital ad campaign metrics.



High-quality content: Like attracts like

"Quality content draws a quality audience."

It's fairly obvious and logical that high-quality content would have a positive reflection on any advertising in and around it.

But here's another benefit of high-quality content: A magnetic-like attraction of quality audiences. In what's called the "law of attraction," it states that "like attracts like." When applied to content and audiences: Quality content draws a quality audience.

That's why we at Amply Media have our own in-house team of top-notch writers cranking out over 1,000 pieces of high-quality, fresh and trending content each month. Content-hungry audiences want the latest and the greatest, and that's why we continually crank out new articles non-stop. It's also why users keep coming back.

Our content is based around the most in-demand verticals, as showcased on our dedicated network of over 80 web sites, most catering to a specific niche. This is why Amply Media's network of websites has attracted a huge, dedicated and engaged audience that continues to grow.



Ready to go big?

Amply Media has everything you need to GO BIG!

Here are some of our "big" audience stats:

  • 80+ premium content websites.
  • 48 million active subscribers, growing by 3 million each month.
  • 1000+ new articles created each month.
  • 45+ content categories/verticals and growing.
  • Over 180,000 consumer interactions every minute!

Key takeaways

  • Large audiences alone aren't enough, you need to reach a large group of the right audience members.
  • Premium content websites build large groups of loyal and engaged audience members.
  • Ads do better when they are aligned to fit a specific vertical, in a relevant connection to the context of the content.
  • Amply Media prequalifies audience members using precision targeting methods, in order to show your ads to specific individuals with the highest likelihood of engaging with your offers, giving them the right ad at the right time, while not showing ads to those unlikely to interact.
  • Premium content websites have been shown to be 67% more effective than advertising on non-member sites, according to a study by comScore and reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.
  • Quality content draws a quality audience, and has a halo effect on the advertising, as ads have shown to perform better when they appear along high-quality content.
  • Amply Media operates over 80+ premium content websites, with 48 million active subscribers, releasing 1000+ new articles each month in over 45+ content categories/verticals.
  • The hyper-active audience members on Amply Media's network of websites engage in over 180,000 consumer interactions every minute.

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