October 22, 2018

Why Should You Advertise Using Web Push Notifications?

There are many methods and forms of advertising you can use online – among them web push notifications. In this article, we'll show you why you should advertise with web push notifications and why they are your best option.

The old methods aren't what they used to be

There are lots of ways advertisers can go about gaining a web viewer's attention. Static banner ads being the most common, followed by animated banner ads and video. There are a myriad of ways these can be utilized whether they be in the traditional leaderboard or sidebar methods, or with more clever roll-down, rollover, or from expanding contextual methods that only appear once the viewer scrolls to that area of content.



Users are trying to block your ads

We're sure you've been surfing the Internet long enough, like everyone else, that you mostly ignore banner ads.

Let's face it… Banner ads aren't what they used to be. They don't bring the results they once did. Many people use ad blockers to help them further escape banner advertising.

The same can be said for video. People employ all types of video ad blockers, auto-play blockers, and even newer blockers to stop both flash and HTML 5 powered video. They quickly scroll away from all types of in-stream and out-stream video, including the native contextual video that tries to expand when you reach a certain portion of a webpage.

What's an advertiser to do?

Clearly, viewers are trying their best to avoid advertising in its current forms. What's an advertiser to do? The good news is… You aren't out of options.

The thing is… It's time you employ a new strategy and tool – and luckily for advertisers – there's a great new tool available and Amply Media is just the company to bring it to you!

Web push notifications circumvent these aforementioned attempts at blocking online advertisements.



Why you need web push notifications

Compared to web banners and video advertising, web push notifications are a completely different advertising animal. They are also very different than email.

Web push notifications can do what none of these other forms of advertising are able to do as effectively, plus they have some completely unique abilities the other forms lack.

Let's get personal, baby! (Hint: It's what your users want)

One of the unique capabilities that web push notifications have over other forms of advertising is the ability to deliver messages that are personalized to the user.

People prefer personalized messages that are focused on helping them with their problems, needs, and wants from you as a company. They only want to be bothered with things they personally care about. They want to be helped – not sold to.

However, once you have proved yourself helpful and have gained their trust, they will be more than happy to buy from you. They won't trust anyone else.

One problem with broad forms of advertising like banner ads or videos is that advertisers have to create kind of a "one size, fits all" message. After all, you can't create a personalized video for each user, or even each segment of your subscriber list. It's just too costly and time-consuming. Ditto that for banner ads.

However, with web push notifications, you can create personalized messages to deliver to individual users or user segments.

Of course, this can be done with email also, but then the cons with email are deliverability and waiting for someone to open the email, if they ever do it all. There's no guarantee your message will ever be seen with email

Which leads to the second great capability of web push notifications…

Real-time delivery

When you send web push notifications they are received practically the moment after you send it. Unlike email, there is no middleman between you and your subscriber. There is nothing to impede your message delivery. Your message appears directly in their web browser, no matter what they are looking at, and it comes to the forefront. Its visibility and deliverability are nearly guaranteed.

Which brings up the third fantastic capability of web push notifications…



Reach your subscriber any time, anywhere on the web

Web push notifications are sent through a web browser, so no matter where your visitor is on the web, on your site or on another site, your message is delivered.

Even better, your message floats in a window above whatever content that subscriber is viewing at the time. That way, your message comes to the forefront of visibility and doesn't go ignored. It momentarily interrupts the viewer (in a non-annoying way) to bring them an important update, (and done right), personalized to their preferences.

Web push notifications offer superior retargeting

You've no doubt heard of retargeting advertising, where banner ads about your product "follow" your prospect for a designated number of days around the web. But the problem with these types of advertising is that they are not personalized.

When you retarget your prospects using web push notifications, you are able to personalize the messages sent to that individual or user segment. This gives you the opportunity to "up the ante" by offering this person/segment escalating incentives, if necessary, to drive them back to make a purchase.

You can send an individual a personalized web push notification featuring the exact model they are interested in and a direct link back to that product. You can send them free downloads. You can send them discounts.

If you aren't getting a response after an initial web push notification, you can send another offering them a time-limited discount if they act quickly.

The possibilities are endless. The offers and other specifics are up to you. But the main point is – this is something you can't pull off with other types of retargeting advertising.

Web push notification retargeting

Using web push notifications to advertise with Amply Media gives you the means to re-target users in ways that are just not possible using banner-based targeting approaches.

With web push notifications can reach your users with personalized messaging 24/7, wherever they are on the web, in real time, and with delivery practically guaranteed.



Amply Media's advanced targeting

Now we come to the part of using web push notifications with Amply Media where they get extremely powerful – advanced targeting capabilities.

This is why you really, really need web push notifications as part of your online marketing strategy.

As we mentioned earlier when speaking about retargeting with web push notifications, the ability to personalize the message sent to an individual or user segment separates this form of advertising from other forms.

But where Amply Media takes it to the next level is by having the ability to send unique product offers to specific prequalified users based on various targeting factors.

Amply Media's unique targeting capabilities utilize a megalithic database of consumer profiles that can match your ads with the prospects most likely to engage with them.

The sheer size of our offer engine and profiles is gargantuan compared to our competition.

From particular demographics, to location, to online behavior and habits and more, our unique offer engine will pinpoint and prequalify the best prospects.

Amply media can also take data from your existing customers and use it to create "look-alike" audiences, by defining your "ideal customer" and matching those demographics to target new prospects.

Content-driven targeting

Another level is presenting your advertising in the right context, where it is most likely to be well-received. In essence, this means placing your advertising on content sites that are going to be most welcoming and responsive to your offers.

One of the things that Amply Media excels at is curating hyper-engaged and content-craving audiences.

Leveraging its network of over 80 content sites, Amply Media can help you reach over 30 million unique and prequalified audience members you can't find anywhere else.

Amply Media's network of web sites deliver the kind of content people are craving, what's being talked about, and what's being shared. Our in-house creative team cranks out over 1,000 pieces of a content per month, across 45 of the most popular categories, delivering articles that are original and fresh, while right on the viral edge of what's most in demand. As a result, we're seeing more than 180,000 consumer interactions every minute!

Amply Media brings your advertising where the action is – to a hungry, unique and engaged audience you can't connect with anywhere else!

Key takeaways:

  • Web push notifications are one of the most effective, newer tools available to advertisers, and one that is outpacing the results of other forms of advertising.
  • Older advertising methods such as banner ads, video advertising and email are proving less effective, as users are employing methods to block and avoid ads delivered in these formats online. Web push notifications circumvent these blocking methods.
  • Web push notifications enable you to personalize your messaging, this is a key factor, as users are much more receptive to advertising directed at helping them solve their problems and meeting their personal needs.
  • The real-time delivery of web push notifications allows you to send the right message, including updates, at precisely the right time, in the right context. This is something you can't always do with other forms of advertising.
  • Web push notifications give you the ability to reach your users at any time, anywhere on the web, on your site or off.
  • Because web push notifications can be personalized, sent in real time, and delivered anywhere on the web – it makes them superior for use in retargeting your prospects compared to other common retargeting methods.
  • Amply Media utilizes advanced targeting capabilities with web push notifications, allowing you to use the advantage of big data to perform laser-like targeting employing a number of factors such as demographics, location, online behaviors and more.
  • With Amply Media's targeting capabilities, you can prequalify and target only those prospects who are most likely to engage with your offer.
  • Amply Media specializes in content-driven targeting, putting your advertising offers in the right context. This further increases the likelihood your offers will be well-received and engaged with.
  • Amply Media's network of over 80 content sites, with a viewership of over 30 million unique and prequalified audience members, not only can put your advertising in the right context, but in front of a content-craving audience you can't reach anywhere else!



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