February 07, 2019

Premium Content and Web Push Notifications Are a Recipe for Ad Success

A recent study confirmed that ads showing on premium websites are outperforming ads placed on most other websites and the use of native web push notifications further increases ad relevancy by seamlessly blending them into the context of content.

Amply Media makes it possible for advertisers to display their offers within premium content, aligning them with relevant verticals on premium websites. The result is a native advertising experience that's enthusiastically embraced by our large network of hyper-engaged audiences.

And web push notifications are one of the most effective ways of reaching these audiences.

But it gets even better… Using our precision targeting methods, we can dial in and prequalify the best consumers to show your ads to. Therefore, we only show your ads to those consumers who are most likely to engage with your offers.



Premium content – premium results


"67% more effective."

According to comScore, "Premium websites are 67% more effective" for advertisers than advertising in other environments.

That's one reason many advertisers are coming to Amply Media and seeing their ad performance improved.

With our network of more than 80 premium websites, featuring more than 30 million monthly active subscribers and 48 million monthly visitors – we have reach – we've got some grip, son!

Amply Media also has a content-hungry audience that generates more than 180,000 consumer interactions every minute. Did we say minute – yes, every minute!

Our premium websites do more than display your advertising to large audiences – we connect you to hyper-engaged consumers you can't reach anywhere else. That's a crucial difference. That's why they call it "premium."



Going native with web push notifications

As you surely already know, native advertising blurs the line between content and advertising, where the content of the advertisement blends seamlessly within the context of an article.

Successful native advertising occurs when the advertising message is highly relevant to the topic, context or conversation found within the article.

When this occurs, the audience finds the advertising to be both relevant and helpful. They may not even think of it or see it as advertising. Instead, they will relate it more as being an integral part of the article.

When that happens, your advertising becomes part of the solution to the problem may came to the article looking to solve.


Choosing the right verticals

The key to putting all this together is ensuring that your ads align with the right verticals – and this is where Amply Media steps in to help.

Your success is our success. We know that for your ads to succeed, your offers need to be matched to the right content in the right context.

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The right verticals for you

We operate over 80 websites covering a vast number of interests and topics. Not only that, we've got an in-house team of writers crank who out over 1,000 new pieces of content every month, ensuring the latest and the greatest.

But it doesn't stop there… Amply Media creates content people crave. We focus on content people are looking for and within the most popular verticals.

This ensures that not only will your advertising be matched up with the right content – but also with fresh, in-demand content that's going to be attracting the most new eyeballs.

Amply Media knows what's up and what's hot, uh-huh, and you can count on Amply Media to match your advertising with the most relevant verticals!



The power is in the personalization

Showing audiences relevant ads is all about personalization.

And to succeed at ad personalization, it takes data – big data. We've got that.

By analyzing a huge amount of consumer data, we've been able to create highly precise targeting methods that show the right ad to the right consumer at the right time.



Targeting: This time it's personal!

We're not the NSA, but our targeting is scary-accurate. When it comes to showing your ads to the right prospects, Amply Media's versatile and precise targeting capabilities are able to pinpoint the right consumers by prequalifying those who have the highest likelihood of engaging with your offer.

Using our targeting skills, we show your offers to the consumers who will find your ads relevant to their interests, wants, and needs. Among many factors, this is based upon their prior online behaviors and other demographic data.

Getting a little more technical about it, we target audiences utilizing our proprietary algorithms and a vast array of demographic data points. Using these, we are able to hone in, identify and prequalify those consumers who are most likely to engage with your offers.

In other words, without the technobabble, we show your ads only to those people who are likely to take action – and not to any who won't. This brings you more bang for your buck and doesn't waste your budget or efforts.


Key takeaways

  • Advertising on premium websites brings advertisers better performance than on most other websites.
  • Premium websites are 67% more effective for advertisers than advertising in other environments, according to comScore.
  • Native advertising immerses advertising seamlessly into the context of a website article in a natural, relevant way.
  • Successful native advertising aligns advertising messages into relevant content in the proper verticals.
  • Advertising on premium websites utilizing native advertising can potentially greatly enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.
  • Amply Media operates over 80 premium websites which cover a vast number of interests and topics, with a unique audience of over 32 million subscribers.
  • Amply Media focuses on placing their advertiser's offers within relevant content.
  • Amply Media has its own in-house team of writers who create over 1,000 new pieces of content every month, featuring the most in-demand topics, within the most popular verticals.
  • Amply Media delivers fresh, in-demand content to its network of 80+ websites daily.
  • One of Amply Media's core strengths is its precision targeting capabilities using big data to identify and prequalify consumers who are most likely to engage with an advertiser's specific campaign.
  • Amply media only shows your ads to consumers most likely to respond – and not to those who won't, getting better results and making the most of your advertising budget.


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